Wednesday, May 22, 2024

IT’S OK: Portable Bluetooth cassette tapes player brings retro audio in 2019

The first portable cassette player of the world was introduced as the initial generation of personal devices in summer 1979. Those cassettes players were very popular in the entire ’80s. As time passes, music has become digitized and everything is convenient. But cassette tapes are still romantic and unforgettable.

Now it seems like those old mix tapes are making a comeback. Yes, you read it right!

A company, NINM Lab has built what they call ‘the world’s first Bluetooth portable cassette player,’ “IT’S OK”. It is an update of the classic Sony Walkman that will play the collection of cassette tapes you still have buried at the back of your closet.

The IT’S OK plays cassettes, it even lets you record to tapes. But as it is 2019, this portable cassette player comes with Bluetooth, of course. The built-in Bluetooth (with 5.0 capability) lets you enjoy your latest mixtapes with your favorite wireless headphones or a Bluetooth speaker.

IT'S OK cassette player construction
IT’S OK cassette player construction

The Bluetooth cassette player has a transparent casing – and comes in three colors: cloud white, sakura pink and evening blue – so you can show off your sweet mixtapes to everyone.

Just like the old Walkmans, it even runs on AA batteries. In addition, the recording capability of IT’S OK enables you to use cassette tapes to record voice messages and every IT’S OK comes with a blank cassette tape (duration = 60mins).

NINM Lab is attempting to fund the revival of the iconic 80’s gadget on the Kickstarter page. Also, for more details, you can visit the company’s website.