Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Israel plans to test an unmanned M-RCV system in 2023

The Israel Ministry of Defense plans to begin testing a robotic unmanned vehicle (M-RCV Medium Robotic Combat Vehicle) next year. The robotic combat vehicle was unveiled at Elbit Systems’ pavilion at the Eurosatory Defense and Security Exhibition last week.

Developed by the Ministry’s Directorate of Defense Research and Development (DDR&D), the Tank and APC Directorate, and Israeli security industries, the vehicle includes a new robotic platform type BLR-2 made by Israeli firm BL; a 30 mm autonomous turret developed by the ministry’s Tank and APC Directorate for the Eitan armored personnel carrier. It also includes the Elbit Iron Fist Active Protection System, which is a smaller, mountable version of the Iron Dome anti-projectile defense system; fire control and mission management system; and robotic autonomous kit, in addition to situation awareness systems.

The technological demonstrator also features a capsuled drone that it can deploy and retrieve for forward reconnaissance missions and a passive sensing kit developed by Elbit Systems and Foresight. The vehicle integrates a number of cutting-edge technologies, including advanced maneuvering capabilities, the ability to carry heavy and varied mission loads, and a built-in system for transporting and receiving UAVs.

The M-RCV system will also incorporate sights, an IAI missile launcher, and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems’ Spike missiles. Its capabilities include a highly autonomous solution for forward reconnaissance and controlled lethality in all-terrain conditions. It is operational during the day and night in all-weather scenarios while emphasizing operational effectiveness, simplicity, minimum operator intervention, and integration into heterogeneous unmanned arrays.

The M-RCV system is a joint product of many years of investment by the DDR&D and the Tank and APC Directorate and is expected to start field tests during 2023 in representative scenarios.

In April, the Israeli Ministry of Defense and Rafael completed a series of ground-breaking tests with its “Iron Beam” laser air defense system against steep-track threats for the first time in the world.