Thursday, April 18, 2024

Humanoid robot can communicate, identify electronic items and pick up objects

Irom Roshan, a young innovator, hailing from Manipur, India, has built a humanoid that is capable of communicating in English, identifying electronic devices as well as lifting objects. The robot can respond to voice commands and can be controlled with a mobile phone.

It took Roshan nearly two years to make it without the help of a technical professional (he couldn’t complete his graduation due to financial troubles). Roshan said that the internet helps him to build this robot. He spent around Rs 1.3 lakh rupees in buying the necessary things to develop the robot.

This innovation has been appreciated by Chief Minister N Biren Singh. Roshan met him on Sunday and demonstrated his robot in front of the CM. “Not only in sports and culture, but Manipur also has enough talent in science and technology too. Shri Irom Roshan Meitei, (21 yrs) 1st yr student of ITI has successfully made a ROBOT, which can communicate,” Singh wrote in his twitter handle.

The chief minister has extended a financial aid of Rs 1 lakh to him so that he can continue his research.

The 21-year-old inventor also claimed that the humanoid could identify electronic items and pick up objects ‘from a distance of 100 meters.’