Monday, February 26, 2024

iRobot delays the launch of its Terra robot lawnmower

The American robot company iRobot, which is primarily known for its robot vacuum cleaner Roomba, needs more time to roll out its Terra robot lawnmower. The reason is the prevailing virus, which also caused major events to be canceled. It is all around, and that is also noticeable in the tech world.

iRobot has been developing Terra lawnmower since some time, but it will no release its new device as planned, the company announced this in a press release. It is unfortunate because Terra was already announced in January 2019, followed by a beta test in August 2019. Although the test, according to iRobot, went very well, it is not yet able to market Terra.

There is more to it than just a delay: it also takes into account the entire economic consequences of the virus. iRobot has taken more actions on this. For example, the company has eliminated approximately 70 positions, primarily within its research and development organization, but there are also sales and marketing employees. Currently, iRobot is fully focused on keeping the day-to-day business going, including its Roomba line.

If we talk about Terra robot lawnmower: it is an independent lawnmower works with beacons that you place in the garden. This allows the waterproof lawnmower to move wirelessly through your garden in an area that you specify. This smart robot mower learns and maps your yard, intelligently avoiding obstacles and cutting in a back-and-forth, efficient, straight lines.

Initially, iRobot had intended to release Terra in the German and American markets, but now, it seems that we have to adjust the grass ourselves this summer. Whether iRobot has completely abandoned the plans to release a robotic lawnmower or if you just wait for this is still unclear.