iPad magician Pierro is teaching magic tricks to a robot

Will machines replace us all? It is something that we have heard pretty often in the past several years that our jobs to be replaced by robots. We have seen robot reading the news, drones delivering organs and also they can be useful in several search and rescue operations.

And now, they will perform magic tricks too. Yes, you read it right!

We have seen Simon Pierro – the world’s leading iPad magician and digital magier – doing things with an iPad that would amaze everyone, even the smartest of Apple’s engineers. With his astounding magic tricks, he takes his audience to places they’ve never been.

Now, the German magician has got a new Magical Assistant robot Pepper!

Pierro's new Magical Assistant robot Pepper!
Pierro’s new Magical Assistant robot Pepper!

He is now passing some of his magic tricks on to Pepper for his new magic act what he is calling an “Artistic Intelligence.” Pierro said, “Is it RobotOS, Artificial Intelligence or simply Magic that is happening here? Decide for yourself.”

Pepper is a semi-humanoid robot manufactured by SoftBank Robotics. The robot, introduced in June 2014, is the world’s first social humanoid robot able to recognize faces and basic human emotions.

The 64-pound robot costs about $1,700 comes with a touchscreen mounted on its chest, so Pierro’s act requires him to work with an operating system beyond iOS. However, the robot can be controlled with an iPad using the Super Pepper app from the App Store.

After months of hard work, coding and lots of coffee, behold the first results. It is not as simple as it looks in the end. But first of all: you can’t be mad at Pepper. And second: if it were easy everyone would do it,” Pierro said. You can see the magician robot assistant in action in the video given below.

He has also shared some exclusive behind the scenes, check this out here.


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