Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Intel presents its new 10th-Gen mobile processor with 5.3 GHz

Intel has presented the 10th Generation Intel Core H-series mobile processors, packed with incredible performance typically only available from desktops.

Its biggest headline is that the Intel Core i9 delivers faster performance with more than 5 GHz. It can reach a peak frequency of 5.3 GHz across its eight cores and 16 threads, although most of the time, it will work at a modest 2.4 GHz. Most manufacturers usually do not go beyond 3 GHz, preferring to gain performance in other areas (especially energy efficiency).

With its new processors of the H series, Intel claims to target gamers and enthusiasts who need as much power as possible on the go. Intel also makes all sorts of comparisons in its press release, which, however, remain rather meaningless – one refers to three-year-old systems. It says you can expect between 44 and 54% of higher performance compared to chips from 3 years ago.

This tenth generation mobile processor from Intel is based on the Comet Lake family, made using the 14-nanometer process, and manages to reach 5.3 GHz. However, in order to reach this speed, you have to fulfill some conditions: the battery must not be about to run out of power, and the Thermal Velocity Boost system must be connected. The Thermal Velocity Boost senses when the processor is running cool and opportunistically and automatically increases the clock frequency.

According to Intel, the first laptops with the chips have already been planned by partners like Acer, Asus, and Razer, among other companies, and will soon be on the shelves. The new chips also integrate Wi-Fi 6 AX201 support for faster downloads, support for Thunderbolt 3 connections and the ability to control two 4K displays at the same time, and improvements in RAM handling and system stability in the face of performance spikes.