Friday, April 19, 2024

Innovative ‘ANYTHING’ face shield that you can make using anything

As the world is struggling against COVID-19, an essential product worldwide in recent weeks are the masks and face shields. Many creative agencies have submitted proposals for a mask design. Among them, there is one that has stood out is the South Korean design studio mmm design studio. It has shown homemade protective masks that can be made from empty food packaging to help protect you from exposure to viruses and germs.

As its name suggests, the face shield is designed to be used with any material that a person has around them, from a bag of pasta to a package of goodies. A solution to provide material to those professionals or people who need it and who do not have the resources to access it.

The 'ANYTHING' face shield can be easily made using a 3D printer.
The ‘ANYTHING’ face shield can be easily made using a 3D printer.
Credits: mmm design studio

The ‘ANYTHING’ face shield has a structure and design that can be easily made using a 3D printer. The frame of the mask takes the shape of a pair of glasses that includes arms for resting on the wearer’s ears and bridge support for the nose. It has clips on the top and bottom, in which the transparent material can be inserted.

The main idea behind the design is to allow the transparent material to be easily replaced in case the shield is damaged or contaminated. The convenience of this option also lies in the fact that you do not need to disinfect the protective part. You can simply return your plastic packaging to the recycling bin and swap it out for something else.