Improve riding efficiency with a bike Computer with 96 Hours GPS Tracking

Shanren Technology, a high-tech company dedicated to creating innovative solutions to improve the experience and performance of sports enthusiasts and professional athletes, designed the ‘Discovery Pro’.

This device is designed and developed considering all the essential bike functions. It equipped a 96-hour high-precision GPS bike computer. It can track your heart rate, GPS, ride time and distance, speed, power and many more.

Di-Pro is efficient and ergonomic in design to make your ride easier and smarter.

Improve riding efficiency with a bike Computer with 96 Hours GPS Tracking

The most innovative and super compact Di-Pro is also super compatible. It is one of the bike computers which supports both ANT+ and Bluetooth connection. It is available with hybrid compatibility to empower you to connect it with an ANT+ or BLE sensor.

Your bike ride is no more a usual ride, you can get most out of it. Its 2.7-inch intuitive screen with 28 data display, presents almost everything you may need for casual or professional cycling sport.

Improve riding efficiency with a bike Computer with 96 Hours GPS Tracking

It would be fascinating knowing Di-Pro offers the virtual power function to get a consistent power reading on the road and on the trainer without a power meter.

An exceptional feature of Di-Pro is its High-Precision GPS System. It provides accurate positioning, tracks how far, how fast and where you ride. Also, the 96-hour GPS navigation time is 4-5 times that of similar products on the market.

Besides, Di-Pro also considers safety for city riders and commuters. For that purpose, it integrates a detachable optic lighting system of 260LM brightness. It is bright for the night riders and it won’t blind drivers.

Improve riding efficiency with a bike Computer with 96 Hours GPS Tracking

Similarly, it devised a safety breathing light as well as a unique speed warning light which helps recognize your performance in a smarter way. While riding if exceeds the speed of 45km/hr, a red warning light will flash to display the warning to limit the speed.

It is designed with a dedicated application called Shanren Sport APP through which you can customize the light colors for both day and night rides.

Improve riding efficiency with a bike Computer with 96 Hours GPS Tracking

Turn-By-Turn navigation is compatible with Shanren Sport APP which makes a right turn at an intersection. Simply, everything is on your bike display. Even there is no need to take out your phone while riding to check calls and texts. Di-Pro can receive call and text notifications from your phone to keep you informed.

Now, ride in bad weather too with this IP65 waterproof design. In addition, you can secure data of your riding achievement and joy by uploading it to Strava. First import it from the Shanren Sport and then upload.

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