Tuesday, May 21, 2024

iFan Smart Eye Massager: Relieve eye strains in 5 minutes

In modern life, the stress became our new companion. People are unknowingly sacrificing their health to work or building the assets. Due to this, the most affected body part is ‘Eyes’. Problems related to eyes are prevalent these days such as dark circles, dry eyes, and eye wrinkles.

New gadget landed on the market which will relieve your eye strains just in 5 minutes. They named this product ‘iFan smart eye massager’.

It devised a Graphene Far Infrared technology which works like human do. It relieves your eye fatigue and enhances blood circulation around your eyes. Graphene tech is known for its steady-state temperature and ultra-fast response time.

iFan Thermal Spectrum
iFan Thermal Spectrum infrared images

iFan Smart Eye Massager sets temperature in 37-42℃ under the warm compression mode and responses in 15 seconds. This mode provides hot towel soothing to your eyes and helps them to relax.

iFan’s 3D curved design with separate two air pumps would give you comprehensive massages for your acupuncture points around your eyes. It will improve your skin tone by improving eye sockets and eye bags.

This stunning eye massager designed with six massaging modes in a continuous loop. You can take a 5-minute break to recharge yourself and soothe the muscles around your eyes.

iFan IR Sensor Chip Use
iFan IR Sensor Chip Use

It houses a built-in IR sensor chip, which simplifies the control of iFan eye massager. This sensor also can identify swiping gestures. It simply empowers you to switch between the modes just by waving a hand before the sensing area.

You can listen to music during your relaxation break simply by connecting iFan to your phone or music player with Bluetooth. It has a built-in speaker to enhance your relaxing experience.

iFan eye massager is designed and crafted eventually to comfort the user and for long time use. Therefore, they have used high-quality Protein PU Leather interior pads. It offers a soft and breathable touch to your eyes.

Since it is designed to relieve stress and of course stress is what we wander with all the time. Hence, this massager is designed portable and easy to store with unique 180-degree foldable design.

iFan is crafted of ABS body which enables you to clean it without the risk of electrical shock. Also, its elastic stretch fit any head and face size. It comes in elegant colors that are Black and White.

iFan houses a 1400mAh polymer rechargeable battery. It works for one week in a single charge. No matter what is your work type whether you are an office worker, nightingale or use a mobile phone a lot.  It would be the best tool you can carry with you.