Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Israel’s new Rex MK II land vehicle will keep troops out of harm’s way

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has unveiled the Rex MK II, the newest unmanned land platform, intended to keep troops out of harm’s way in complex circumstances. The new operational system, part of IAI’s family of unmanned ground systems, is an unmanned land vehicle adapted to a range of ground missions with advanced maneuverability and the ability to carry a load of 1.3 tons.

The Israeli firm also revealed in a statement that the new vehicle has already been sold to different international customers without specifying any country.

The Rex MK II is land-based, autonomous with command-and-control capabilities, or can be controlled by a single operator through wireless communication. The new hybrid-electric platform comes with all-wheel drive and supports combat forces in gathering intelligence, providing logistical support, and helps execute remote attacks.

The Rex MK II also comes with remotely controlled weapons systems, including a 7.62mm machine gun, a cal 0.50 heavy machine gun, and as a multi-mission multi-purpose platform to support additional missions based on troops’ needs.

The multi-mission vehicle, which is presented at the DSEI exhibition in London, can support infantry ground forces in various stages of fighting, including carrying munition supplies, critical medical equipment, water, and food, as well as evacuating injured personnel on stretchers. The system can also gather intelligence through a situation-awareness system that incorporates electro-optical sensors and radar.

“The need to support ground forces in the field to carry out various missions while minimizing threats to soldiers’ lives is at the heart of our values here at Israel Aerospace Industries,” said Zvika Yarom, GM Land Division of IAI. “This system is based on harnessing our decades-long experience with UAVs to implement in the world of land vehicles. IAI’s unmanned land platforms are in use operating along Israel’s borders and in different fighting units as well as in other locations around the world. We are experiencing a rise in demand from clients for unmanned land platforms.”

Other platforms manufactured by IAI include Jaguar, an unmanned land platform for defending borders, gathering intelligence, and carrying out attacks; the RobARC, an operational unmanned platform for uncovering and destroying ground level and subterranean explosive devices; the Robattle – a robotic operational land platform with high maneuverability, carrying out complex missions in difficult conditions, quickly and safely; the RobDozer – an unmanned bulldozer intended to carry out complex military engineering in danger zones.