Monday, May 20, 2024

Hyundai Motor to supply fuel cell systems for Enginius commercial trucks

Hyundai Motor Group’s dedicated fuel cell system brand HTWO signed into a partnership with Enginius, a subsidiary of German carmaker Faun Group, to supply fuel cell systems for the mass production of hydrogen-powered commercial trucks. The company will supply more than 1,000 hydrogen fuel-cell systems to a German environment-friendly vehicle maker in a three-year deal.

HTWO’s fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) technology is well established through Hyundai’s NEXO FCEV, which has sold over 30,000 units worldwide.

HTWO’s 90-kW fuel cell system will be paired with Enginius chassis to provide zero-emission power for waste collection trucks and medium cargo trucks for intra-city goods delivery.

Enginius plans to begin installing Hyundai’s hydrogen fuel-cell systems in its Bluepower garbage and Citypower cargo trucks in the second half of 2023.

Faun Group is Europe’s first truck manufacturer with EU-type approval for FCEVs. It has already supplied 60 Bluepower waste collection trucks to waste disposal companies throughout Europe. The Citypower medium cargo truck will be equipped with HTWO’s fuel cell system for field testing in 2024, and series production is scheduled to start in 2025.

“This strategic partnership with Enginius marks yet another significant milestone in HTWO’s mission to free humanity from fossil fuel dependency in the commercial vehicle market,” said Taewon Lim, Executive Vice President of the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Business Center at Hyundai Motor Group. “This is the first time we are supplying our fuel cell system to another OEM at a large scale. Enginius’ initial fleet of more than 1,100 fuel cell trucks will represent a significant expansion of Hyundai’s fuel cell system business.”

In addition, the two companies expect to collaborate further on eco-friendly drivetrain solutions for commercial vehicles in the mid- to long-term.