HYDROW: Row in real time

Isn’t it cool rowing at home with the same experience you could have on water? Yes, Hydrow’s unique Live Outdoor Rowing delivers a live on-river outdoor rowing experience at-home. It engages two times more of the body’s muscles than biking or running. Which results in over 400 calories burned in a 20-minute workout.

You can learn the basics of rowing and proper resistance training in a few minutes from world-class rowing instructors live-streaming from the river. Other at-home fitness equipment is not as efficient as this one. Hydrow generates 86 percent muscle engagement whereas biking and running generate 44 percent only.

They are bringing the outdoor rowing experience straight to the comfort of people’s homes with live workouts broadcasted from the Charles River and the Intercoastal. It offers 100s of customizable workouts and difficulty levels across four categories (breath, sweat, push and drive).

A user can choose the duration of their workout from 5 minutes up to 60 minutes. Also, he can select whether he wishes to row as part of a team or individually, and leaderboards are showcased to keep users accountable and challenged.

Hydrow offers a “back-friendly” resistance, which provides a low resistance at the beginning of the stroke when the back is folded. However, it increases the resistance as the stroke unfolds.

  1. Live Rowing: Broadcast live from rowing instructors on the water or in the studio
  2. Rows on demand: Pre-recorded river and studio rowing sessions available 24/7
  3. Serene river rows: Listen to the quiet sounds of birds, running water and the smooth rhythm of your strokes
  4. Whole body fitness: Yoga, stretching, functional movement, and resistance training for a complete fitness routine

There are several benefits working on this machine. When you exercise on this machine it enhances the bodily fitness. It works on your core, back, arms, and legs. A comfortable, fluid workout that is easy on your entire body.

It further reduces joint stress, improves your bone density, and increase overall workout effectiveness. The calm fluidity of repetitive strokes helps to increase focus and drown out the thoughts that make you stressed.

These are the few specifications of this amazing machine;

  • 86 percent muscles engaged
  • 400 calories burned per 20-min workout
  • Functional movement & stretching
  • Quiet electromagnetic resistance
  • Footprint is 86″ x 24″
  • Vertical storage* is 24″ x 33″
  • Ergonomically designed for ultimate comfort
  • Back-friendly resistance
  • Workouts on the Hydrow are showcased on a 22″ HD
  • A machine is quiet so music is clearly audible
  • water-resistant touchscreen monitor with HiFi speakers
  • An embedded camera, and a microphone

“Hydrow’s computer-controlled resistance technology can adjust 100 times per second to create resistance that matches traditional rowing machines, different types of on-water boats, or even a weight stack.”

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