Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Honda Gyro Canopy e, a covered electric cargo trike with swappable batteries

Honda Japan has unveiled an electric version of the popular Gyro three-wheeled delivery vehicle. Unlike the original Gyro e electric model, which appeared earlier this year, the Gyro Canopy e variant has received a windshield and a real roof for protection in bad weather, such as rain or even direct sun in some cases. Delivery services and other companies that deliver in urban areas are the target group of the new electric cargo scooter.

The first scooter in the Gyro family was the 1982 50cc model, and the first canopy version was the 2008 model. The current generation Gyro Canopy e is almost identical in appearance to the concept model unveiled 10 years ago at the Tokyo Motor Show, but much better road-ready.

The new three-wheeled scoot features a large windscreen and roof that curve up over the single-seated rider, ending just a fraction beyond the backrest. Thanks to this, the delivery-oriented electric scooter also benefits from rain protection for its cargo.

Equipped with a large windscreen and roof, it protects rider from bad weather such as rain.
Equipped with a large windscreen and roof, it protects rider from bad weather such as rain. Credit: Honda Japan

The Honda Gyro Canopy e even comes with an electric powertrain, and more importantly, swappable batteries that allow delivery personnel to swiftly and easily swap out batteries instead of waiting to recharge them. It is powered by an electric motor with a peak power output of 3.2 kW at 5,800 rpm and 13 Nm of torque at 2,300 rpm. The electric cargo trike boasts a maximum range of 77 km (48 miles) at an average of 30 km/h (18.6 mph), and it will then take five hours on the charge to get the scoot back on the road.

Despite riding two wheels at the back, the vehicle is very narrow, being just 700 mm wide, and has a wheelbase of 1,360 mm. A hinge mechanism ensures that the front part of the vehicle leans into the corners so that you can drive quickly during turning while the cargo section remains level. The vehicle weight, including batteries, is specified as 168 kg.

There is no cargo hold in the images shown; however, the design will enable efficient delivery of food or parcels without any doubt. Honda also says these scooters are ideal for city patrols.

For now, the Honda Gyro Canopy e comes in 2 color options (white and red) for 715,000 yen ($6,275) – something that may sound pretty high for the individual but shouldn’t cost much for businesses, who will probably buy the scooters in bulk.