Friday, February 23, 2024

Honda CB-F Concept fuses cutting-edge tech with a trendy retro look

Amid endless cancellations of the events due to the global coronavirus pandemic, Honda has introduced a classic-modern motorcycle concept, namely the Honda CB-F Concept, through its “Virtual Motorcycle Show.”

In the online presentation, the officials of the Japanese brand have commented that the model “is the result of reviewing the history of the CB series,” which has recently completed six decades, “And thoroughly explore what it should preserve, as well as what should evolve in these iconic acronyms.”

Less futuristic than their CB1000R base in Neo Sports Cafe style, but sportier than the CB1100 models, the CB-F Concept is an ambitious fusion of cutting-edge technology with a design that pays tribute to the CB900F (CB750F in Japan), a global Japanese model that has become a true icon over the 60 years of CB models.

A refined motorcycle that will delight neo-retro enthusiasts.
A refined motorcycle that will delight neo-retro enthusiasts.

It is equipped with a water-cooled, 4-stroke, 4-valve, inline 4-cylinder DOHC engine with 998 cubic meters and Showa multi-adjustable suspensions and brakes. The square tank and the one-piece two-seater are directly borrowed from the CB900F and the aesthetics of 80s motorcycles in general. The double shock absorbers have been replaced by a single unit, and the design of the rear loop brings a touch of modernity, making this bike a subtle blend of modernism and retro design. A refined motorcycle that will delight neo-retro enthusiasts!

The Honda CB-F Concept has dimensions of 2,120 mm in length, 790 mm in width, and 1,070 mm in height. The chassis uses a steel mono-backbone structure, providing rigidity that can support stability.

The rest? Honda has not revealed more, especially related to what features are embedded.