HiMo H1 foldable electric scooter fits in the backpack

We have seen a number of folding bikes in recent months. But to the extreme that can fit into a conventional backpack and is also electric, nothing compares to “HiMo H1.” This ultra-compact electric scooter that belongs to the Xiaomi Company HiMo was announced at the end of 2019 at the Youpin crowdfunding platform for the Chinese market.

Apparently, the success of Xiaomi’s Chinese crowdfunding platform is so high that the Beijing company now lands on Indiegogo, proposing its product this time to the global audience.

When folded, the little speedster measures just 45x32x23 cm.
When folded, the little speedster measures just 45x32x23 cm.

The HiMo H1 foldable e-Bike has an even more custom and spectacular design. The key feature of the model is the folding design: when folded (45x32x23 cm), it does not exceed the dimensions of an A3 sheet, and when unfolded it measures 84×48.5×95.5 cm. It weighs just 14.5 kg, thanks to its lightweight but strong A380 aluminum alloy frame, with battery, included.

HiMo H1 Construction
HiMo H1 Construction

The manufacturer claims that a replaceable battery with a capacity of 7500mAh is enough for 18 miles (30 km) of travel. The brushless DC hub motor is not very powerful – 180 watts – but allows you to touch a maximum speed of 11 mph (18 km/h). The battery is convenient for anyone to insert and remove, and it only weighs 1.8 Kilos. It can be plugged into any outlet and recharged in 4 to 6 hours.

HiMo H1 Other Details
HiMo H1 Other Details

The wheels are very small to minimize overall dimensions, just 7 inches. Despite its low weight, HiMo says, HiMo H1 can carry a maximum weight of 100 kg. As the little speedster is so compact, the saddle and handlebar are adjustable to adapt to the widest possible range of builds.

From an aesthetic and operational point of view, it is more like an electric scooter with a seat. It has a headlight and taillights, and a digital display on the handlebar that shows speed, battery charge, and use of lights. All this is controlled with a single button.

HiMo is seeking financing at the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. It is available in two colors, yellow and gray. The first shipments will start in May, and the lowest price at which one can be ordered is just $469. At the end of the crowdfunding, HiMo H1 will cost more than $699.


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