Monday, July 15, 2024

The Herston: Self balancing desk lamp

Former Dyson designer Oliver Chambers and his partner Greta have developed the desk lamp that is self-balancing and adjustable to any position. It has combined effect of precision engineering with natural materials. They named this lamp ‘The Herston Desk Lamp’.

It is perfect for any workstation due to its easy-to-adjust, high-performance light with sleek lines and no unsightly cords.

The Herston Desk Lamp devised with the innovative design and latest technology. It utilizes skillfully concealed conducting elements alongside hand-crafted wood to create an uninterrupted, sculptural form without any unsightly cables.

Also, the latest LED technology creates a high quality, dimmable light that can be utilized as both a bright, conventional task light and a more subdued mood light. Which help you enjoy its high-performance light during the day and night.

This lamp is easily accessible and adjustable to any position. It is skillfully engineered by utilizing a counter-balance mechanism. The leaf-shaped cast-iron weights keep it balanced in all positions. You don’t need to make any external adjustments just move, incline or keep it as it is.

A team has worked hard to make this product an elegant and sculptural silhouette with no visible cables from the base to the head. They have utilized conducting joints that connect the wooden arms and the electric current that travels inside them.

This lamp appeal people to interact.

Working of Herston Lamp

The 360° rotational base with hidden ball bearings permits you to smoothly rotate the lamp. Also, positioning the light source exactly where you need it.

With a high performance LED light module to match other premium task lights on the market. Its LED “bulb” will last for over 27 years based on an average use of 6 hours per day.

It has a lamp head to make changing the module easy. The module is produced by Cree Inc., the renowned worldwide manufacturer of lighting-class LED’s.

The combination of solid oak or walnut, brass, and cast-iron give the lamp a warm and classic aesthetic perfect for any workstation.


  • Weight: 3.1 kg
  • Materials: Powder-coated iron and aluminum castings with wooden arms and base and solid brass fittings
  • Colors: Available in Oak and Off-white or American Walnut & Black
  • Light source: Integrated LED
  • Dimmer Switch: Solid brass control knob for on/off and brightness adjustment
  • Brightness: Up to 500 Lumens
  • Colour Temperature: Warm White (3000 Kelvin)
  • Colour Rendering Index: Min 80 CRI
  • Efficiency: 80 Lm/W
  • Lifetime: Min 60,000 Hours ( 27 years based on 6 hrs/day usage)
  • Voltage: 12V DC (from supplied power adapter 100-240V AC)

Innovators cleared about their testing, “We’ve been working closely with the Lighting Industry Association to ensure our lamp is given a ‘CE’ mark. This will prove that we meet the required health, safety and environmental regulations for the EU and beyond.”

“We’ve refined the design based on their feedback and have consulted with them on the plans for testing and preparations we need to make.”