Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Hello 2: World’s most powerful communication device

The team of tech enthusiasts has designed and developed ‘HELLO 2’. It is an ultimate all-in-one TV companion for the modern world. Hello 2 is fully End-to-End Encrypted. It is designed to transform any TV into a powerful communication device for offices and homes.

HELLO Solaborate Team said, “We believe that simplifying communication tools and service represents our greatest opportunity to improve people’s lives.”

Initially, HELLO Touch was designed to use as a digital whiteboard with tight video and audio ingratiation. It enables teams to collaborate in real-time from any device.

HELLO 2 Video Conferencing and Whiteboarding
HELLO 2 Video Conferencing and Whiteboarding

Powered by HELLO 2, the 65-inch HELLO Touch is the smartest and cost-efficient 4K Touch TV with 10 multi-touch points for real-time collaboration. Also, works best for video conferencing, digital whiteboarding, wireless screen sharing, Alexa and GoogleVoice Assistant, TV streaming, gaming, etc. 

HELLO 2 is basically designed with the developer community in mind. However, they are aware that the other developer can build better than this platform. But HELLO 2 team has put all their efforts to make this version the best among the others on the market.

HELLO 2 Creator Edition in a transparent casing
HELLO 2 Creator Edition in a transparent casing

They said, “HELLO Creator Edition comes in a transparent casing, letting you see the inner workings of the device, which reflects our open source ideology in a physical aspect. Developers can build any hardware gadget extensions or software applications on top of our open platform.”

HELLO 2 is secure, slim and full of features. It has revolutionized the way of communication at your home and office. It houses built-in speakers, infrared night vision, Zigbe for home automation, NFC, hardware-based privacy buttons and 152-degree FOV coverage with automatic tilting.

Thie powerful Communication device empowers you to communicate easily and with crystal clear audio and video calls anytime. 

HELLO 2 is compatible with widely utilized voice assistants Alexa and Google Voice Assistant. Which simply enables you to play favorite playlists, make calls, get weather and forecast information, and many more.

Similarly, you can share and cast any story in real time from your phone or laptop with HEELO 2 regardless the distance. To make this happen it has a feature called wireless screencasting.

When you are not at home HELLO 2 will notify you on your phone about your home, kids, or pets. If it finds any unusual activity it will promptly pop on your home. The Camera Feed of HELLO 2 equipped motion detection as well as infrared night vision. Which triggers a notification on your home.

HELLO 2 allows seamless home automation with widely used voice assistants. Also, you can create your personal area network for home automation with Zigbee. It is easy to install and additional cable free.

A team explained about privacy, “We believe that privacy is a fundamental human right and that’s why we engineered HELLO 2 with two built-in hack-proof privacy controls and end-to-end encryption for everyone’s protection and peace of mind.”

“Unless hackers come to your office or home in person, there is no way for them to access the audio and video of your HELLO 2 when you’ve deactivated them with the privacy buttons. When you activate them, the microphone and camera lines are physically cut from the system (going into the SoC). Therefore no software can control them.”

HELLO 2 has Collaboration Mode to link your Google or Office 365 Calendars. You are ready to start your meeting with just one click, no matter where it is scheduled. It may in Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Zoom or other communication apps.

It has several built-in apps for video and collaboration, TV and music, and gaming. You can also install any app of your choice and full access to personalize the experience.

It has an amazing feature of dual-scree. Which allows you to connect HELLO2 with two TVs at the same time and can use two different features on both.

HELLO 2 is easy to set up. Open the box and plug in the power adapter and connect the HELLO device to any TV via an HDMI cable. Later, download the HELLO Solaborate Messenger app to scan your unique QR code. That’s it!

You will have the option to control the device. Either through its hardware air mouse remote control or through the remote app for both Android and iOS.

It offers automatic tilting which can be adjusted remotely through HELLO Solaborate Messenger app. Also, by simply touching the ring around the HELLO 2 camera.

It is made from 6000 Series Aluminium and High-Quality plastics/Silicone. It is devised with NFC (Near Field Communication) allows you to share files by simply bringing your phone close to your device.

HELLO 2 empowers you to conduct conferences with your remote clients and teammates. It comes with full-packed features. HELLO 2 presents three incredible products as explained, HELLO 2, HELLO Touch TV +Whiteboarding and HELLO Creator Edition.