Wednesday, May 29, 2024

HASE BIKES reinvents PINO, the most versatile bike in the world

Versatility has been the trump card with the PINO STEPS tandem from Germany’s HASE BIKES. Tandem, pedelec, children’s taxi, travel bike, cargo, or city bike – the PINO can be anything. Now, the model has been completely revised for 2021 and is, therefore, more versatile than ever.

Thanks to a new length adjustment of the frame, the PINO 2021 can now accommodate children from as little as 1.0 meters tall, which corresponds to an average age of 3 years, on the front reclining seat. So far, the limit was 1.20 meters. With the new telescopic capability, the wheelbase can be shortened from cargo bike to city bike format.

Telescopic frame brings more driving comfort.
Telescopic frame brings more driving comfort. Credit: HASE BIKES

The proven belt system from the extensive range of accessories ensures that the small stokers are held securely. The PINO can be driven with the front section fully inserted, which will be particularly appreciated by single cyclists. The navigation system can now be easily mounted on a high-mounted connecting strut on the frame.

With the handlebars folded in and the front end pushed in, the new PINO even fits on any conventional rear bike rack. In this size, accommodation in the basement or bike room is no longer a problem. Even the old PINO handlebars could be individually adjusted in height, width, and angle. The new handlebar offers the same comfort, but is also more stable and, above all, foldable. The handlebars can be folded up in no time and set up in the perfect position just as quickly. The new positioning of the two bottom brackets also ensures more driving comfort.

The new PINO STEPS: e-tandem, parent taxi and cargo bike in one
The new PINO STEPS: e-tandem, parent taxi and cargo bike in one. Credit: HASE BIKES

Thanks to the variable wheelbase and the new folding function of the handlebar, the PINO is easier to transport and more space-saving to park. Furthermore, both cranksets are now roughly 30 mm lower than on the old PINO. As a result, the rear rider’s feet can reach the ground more easily, and the front rider pedals slightly downwards.

As part of the redesign of the PINO, the HASE BIKES design team also looked at parts of the accessories. The new forged bipod stand is not only more stable than the previous model, but it also carries a whopping 20 kg more weight. Also, the Lowrider luggage solution was adapted to the new adjustment function of the frame and can, therefore, remain fitted even when the wheelbase changes.

Just like its predecessor, the new PINO will be available in three versions. The €5,157 ($6,040) ALLROUND can already be used as a tandem, children’s taxi, and cargo bike. The TOUR variant is available at €7,165 ($8,400), which includes a lowrider luggage solution and a 14-speed hub gear. The only version with motor support is the €8,276 ($9,700) PINO STEP, which combines 250-watt Shimano Steps E6100, a mid-tier mid-drive motor with a 504-Wh battery.