Saturday, May 18, 2024

GTO Engineering’s V-12-powered Moderna is a tribute to Ferrari in the ’60s

After nearly three decades spent maintaining and restoring classic Ferraris, GTO Engineering is now presenting its very own sports car, codenamed Moderna.

Weighing under 1,000 kg, this new ‘retro’ sport is inspired by Ferraris from the 1960s. But for the construction of this sports car with space for two people and luggage, modern materials and techniques will be used in order to retain some of the special Sixties sports car characteristics and add race-derived lightweight engineering techniques.

The Moderna is based on the classic 250.
The Moderna is based on the classic 250. Credit: GTO Engineering

The Moderna has a more modern shape, while it’s also been fitted with a playful double-bubble roof and a vibrant LED light package. The GTO Engineering team decided to maintain a tubular steel chassis, but with lightweight aluminum substructures, also using carbon fiber for the structure in order to increase structural rigidity. The same material, with the same specifics as those used in Formula 1, will be used to design the body, although some components, such as the doors and the hood, are made of aluminum to reduce weight. The suspensions, brakes, and control electronics are modern and, therefore, 100% reliable even at maximum speeds.

The long-nosed coupe has a hand-built quad-cam V-12 engine with power not yet revealed, but it’s expected to produce around 350 horsepower, which promises to push the car from 0 to 60 mph in six seconds and a top speed of 150 mph.

The development is in full swing. Project Moderna aims to be extensively customizable for its customers, with many paint accessories, equipment, and accessories, as well as greater suspension and gearbox options. GTO Engineering has yet to announce pricing info for the sports car.