GPD MicroPC: A palm-sized mini PC

GPD MicroPC: a palm-sized mini PC
GPD MicroPC: a palm-sized mini PC

If you need a computer, but the working conditions don’t allow you to use the microcomputer notebook currently available in the market, you need to have a look at the GPD MicroPC, the smallest computer in the world without missing any features found in other devices.

The inventors at GDP HK company have made a smallest, palm-sized mini PC that is tremendously portable. GPD MicroPC is just 6 inches, weight 440grams, and consumes only 10watt of electricity.

It is the smallest, lightweight and affordable mini PC that can be folded up and slide into the pocket easily.

This compact PC is packed with features given below:

It works with Intel N4100 quad-core and has a capacity of 128GB, and a memory random access (RAM) capacity is 4GB.

It contains built-in RS-232 serial interface, three USB 3.0 interfaces, RJ 45 interface for wired network access, wireless Wi-Fi 2.4G/5G dual bands, Bluetooth 4.2, one full-featured Type C charging interface for audio, video and data transmission, in addition to the cooling system increases the load and efficiency of the computer.

GPD MicroPC: interface diagram
GPD MicroPC: interface diagram

It comes with a 6″ high definition HD wide color gamut (WCG) screen, with Corning Gorilla glass which gives vividly colorful, natural, smooth and visible effect. With the 178° view, users can obtain an excellent visual experience at any angle.

MicroPC: Touch-pad and keyboard
GPD MicroPC: Touch-pad and keyboard

A touchpad is provided with left and right buttons, a QWERTY keyboard with a backlit design and one microSDXC slot for manual backup. A metallic film button is given which provides an excellent experience for finger pressing. The upper corner of the C face is the left, middle, and right mouse buttons. A power key is given to avoid accidental touch.

For fixing the machine in any complex environments, two copper nuts are embedded on the back. It has Power indicator, dormancy indicator and RJ45 indicator to keep abreast of the machine.

MicroPC supports PD 2.0-based fast charging, which can fill half the battery in 30 minutes. It also supports all 5V/3A-based mobile phone chargers and portable power source. Therefore, a charger can be shared between the MicroPC and the mobile phone.

GPD MicroPC:  Attachable lanyard
GPD MicroPC: Attachable lanyard

It is provided with a user-friendly front lanyard hole, fit for any badge or mobile lanyard.

It can perfectly replace traditional notebooks for people that work in the communication, electric power, exploration, mining, archaeology, education training, manufacturing, service chain, call center, business services, public institutions, government military, and many more fields.