Sunday, March 26, 2023

Google creates a “Paper Phone” to get rid of smartphone addiction

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The use of smartphones has become an integral part of our life. The mobile phones have now become the device that we use the most and depend on throughout the day.

There have been several attempts by different manufacturers of mobile phones and operating systems that have tried to combat people’s dependence on smartphones through functions, apps, and tools, but apparently, none have succeeded.

Now, Google has presented a very new proposal that seeks to reduce the use of smartphones that people make in their daily lives. We are talking about the “Paper Phone,” an experimental app designed to help people detoxify their dependence on their mobile devices.

Print it and fold it into a little booklet.
Print it and fold it into a little booklet.

All you have to do is simply install the Paper Phone application from the Play Store for free. Once you download and open the application, it will ask you to select the things you need to spend a day totally away from your cell phone. For example, you can choose between maps, favorite contacts, calendar with appointments of the day, meteorological prediction. Besides, there are also customizable ‘paper apps’ like recipes, phrasebooks, or notepads that let you do what you need to do.

Find navigation map on Paper Phone
Find navigation map on Paper Phone

Finally, the app allows you to save your choice in PDF or send it directly to a printer. When you print the file, you will get a large paper, fold it up, and there you go. You have your own paper agenda where you can mark what you need to spend the day without having to use your cell phone.

The Paper Phone might look like a meaningless application, but if we consider that it is a social experiment aimed at reducing the excessive use we make of cell phones every day, it eventually turns out to be a great idea.

The Paper Phone app has been developed by London design studio Special Projects for Google as part of a new wave of Digital Wellbeing initiative.

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