Saturday, April 1, 2023

GOMI: An interactive smart ball for your smart pet

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Every morning, leaving your dog home alone without any interaction or stimulation can lead to various mental, physical, and behavioral issues. So, the owners and our pets need to be active to stay happy and healthy. Also, no play and lack of regular exercise can lead to obesity.

Meet GOMI, the perfect way to keep your pet mentally and physically active, even when you aren’t home!

What is GOMI?

GOMI is a smart, expertly-designed ball that helps with the problems mentioned above. With various programmed activities that stimulate their mind, it allows your pet to play all day long.

It features AutoStart and AutoStop functions and is programmed with 12 different interactions to keep your pet, and their mind stimulated. The smart ball moves in irregular patterns and vibrates when bitten and rolls away and also escapes by itself when dog grab or drop. This keeps them fit and active while reducing the possibility of anxiety or depression.

Control movement of the ball with GOMI App
Control movement of the ball with GOMI App

In addition, GOMI comes with a smartphone app. You need to log in to the GOMI App, and you can see just how your pet has been playing with the GOMI while you are gone. Also, you can control the movement of the ball using this App. Stay connected through Bluetooth, receive real-time data and keep track of your pet’s play habits and activity throughout the day.

The App will also help you find the toy easily if it is lost anywhere. Plus, the LED lights on the toy and the ball movement make it even easier to find.

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GOMI is safe for your pet!

Made with FDA-Certified Polycarbonate coating, it is strong enough to withstand even the hardest bites from your pet. Additionally, Sustainable Soy Ink ensures that your dog or cat is free from any harmful substances.

Strong and Durable
Strong and Durable

You don’t need to worry about germs and bacteria! The GOMI is designed to be antibacterial, 100% waterproof, and easy to clean so that you can freshen it up for your pup or kitty in no time! Once the GOMI gets dirty, run it under hot water and it will be clean and ready to roll.

Waterproof and easy-to-clean
Waterproof and easy-to-clean

Moreover, GOMI comes with an innovative wireless charger which keeps the smart ball charged for hours of play. Once your pet is done with playing or when you are back home, simply place the ball back on the charger, and it will be quickly ready for more fun in no time.

Charge with an innovative wireless charger.
Charge with an innovative wireless charger.

The device doesn’t have any charging ports anywhere on its surface so that you can feel free about your pet’s safety.

Add a wide range of accessories to make the GOMI exclusive
Add a wide range of accessories to make the GOMI exclusive

Additionally, with some exceptional add-ons like eye-catching feathers, cute animal bands, and colorful covers, you can create a personalized GOMI that your dog or cat will enjoy.

Technical Specifications:

Size63x63mm (Ball)
BatteryLithium-polymer (300mAh)
ChargingFull Charge 3hrs (Max Movement 22cycles)

With embedded dimples that cause irregular movement and the built-in algorithm that keeps your pets guessing, the GOMI is unlike any pet toy they have ever seen!

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