Tuesday, June 18, 2024

GMC delays the long-awaited Hummer EV premier due to the Coronavirus

The coronavirus epidemic, which affected the whole world, led to a halt in the automotive industry. Now, American automaker General Motors (GM) has announced that it will delay the long-awaited world premiere of its all-electric off-road GMC Hummer EV due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Hummer EV debut is the latest in a series of automotive events that has been delayed in recent months because of COVID-19.

The GMC Hummer, which was scheduled to be launched on May 20 in Las Vegas, is one of the most exciting innovations of the year 2020. This model already uses GM’s new flexible EV platform powered by cheaper Ultium batteries.

Not much is known about GMC Hummer yet; GM had previously given some details about the capabilities of GMC Hummer EV, but so far, no information has been available on its price and other technical details. It has been revealed that the machine will have a total power of 1000 horsepower and can accelerate to 96 km/h in 3 seconds.

The company has said it will delay the premiere and that development work on the GMC Hummer EV is ‘on track and unchanged’. It has not yet decided how and when to introduce Hummer, but of course, they were also considering unveiling it online. The GMC Hummer is virtually ready, so they say it could go into production as planned in the second half of 2021.