Friday, April 12, 2024

GM unveils Ultium Drive units that will power its all-electric future

General Motors is gradually unveiling the various elements that make up the Ultium range. After its platform integrating the battery and then the battery management system, it is the turn of the engines to be presented in pictures.

The next-generation EVs of General Motors is expected to be powered by a family of five interchangeable drive units and three motors, known collectively as “Ultium Drive.” This family, Ultime Drive, will push the brand to replace its conventional thermal engines with purely electric engines, providing significant performance advantages over previous GM electric vehicles.

These drives combine electric motors and single-speed transmissions to apply power, generated by Ultium battery cells, to the wheels of GM’s upcoming electric vehicles. All five drive units are expected to be powered by one or more of three motors, including a primary front-wheel-drive motor, which can be configured for front- or rear-wheel drive, and an all-wheel-drive assist motor.

GM expects these engines within Ultium Drive to deliver industry-leading torque and power density across a broad spectrum of different vehicle types.

Most of Ultium Drive’s components, including castings, gears, and assemblies, will be built with globally sourced parts at GM’s existing global propulsion facilities on shared, flexible assembly lines. With this system, the company plans to have remarkable flexibility and modularity in all its Ultium Drive-built vehicles.

For the moment, General Motors has not yet detailed the technical specifications of its engines, revealing only the synthetic images presenting the various electric powertrains. Details are expected to follow shortly.