Glove: Happy companion to keep you safe

Conflicts on road between mostly cyclists and other vehicle owners are common. It is always difficult to settle who was the culprit. But to avoid such aggression and to make the journey enjoyable for everyone, Loffi, designers and everyday cyclists Jack Hudspith and Ben Pawle have designed and developed a high-quality cycling product called ‘Glove’.

Highly visible smiley face on the palm just not make this product polite and humored but spreads goodwill with its other technical aspects. Glove works well with whatsoever is your cycling routine whether you are an everyday commuter, once-a-weeker, or a weekend warrior.

Smiley PORON® cushioning in high impact areas of the palm. It could be helpful to withstand the most cycle rides in demand. The highly durable double layer AX Suede™ palms ensure grip and comfort.

Glove showing features.

Also, fabrics are touchscreen-friendly so you can still work your phone or GPS while wearing them. Reflective smiley signaling on the opposite gives excellent visibility day and night.

If you want to wipe sweat out of your face then no need to take off your gloves, soft microfleece thumb wipes sweaty faces and runny noses easily.

The Glove is crafted of high-quality fabrics which can cope with challenging weather. It is water repellent, warm, windproof and breathable. It can withstand even the most demanding of cycle rides.

This attractive glove ensures grip and comfort. Touchscreen fabric on all fingers means you’ll never get cold checking your route. It gives excellent visibility day and night

If you won’t smile and spread happiness your glove will do that for you.


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