Saturday, December 9, 2023

GLIGO E-Ink Smartwatch have two-year battery life

If you are also a hipster, then this watch would be the perfect piece for you. A watch suits in all occasions and scenarios, whether it is a sport, business or leisure. The maker of Gligo introduced the new Gligo E-Ink Smartwatch. It would soon become a social media hype due to its simplicity and functionality with style.

Unlike watches on the market, it has a long battery life and no need to charge it daily. They have adopted an energy-efficient dual-core design. The quartz core has a battery life of up to two years; the e-ink screen has a battery life of up to 180 days.

Key Functions

  1. Check time
  2. Set meeting reminders and get notifications
  3. Health monitoring and fitness tracking

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  • Unlike traditional liquid crystal displays, GLIGO’s screen is e-ink, and there is no reflection under the sun.
  • Its display makes it easy to read. E-ink looks like printed text, making it easier for the eyes.
  • It consumes energy when the screen color changes (e.g., switching from black to white). After turning off, images on-screen remain, hence very energy-efficient.
  • The watch has a two-pin design and is equipped with a quartz movement. The e-ink screen displays time, date, and notification icons.
  • New Gligo accompanies a 316L fine steel case which can withstand depths up to 30 meters. 
  • The quartz is kept up by a non-battery-powered cell coin battery and regularly keeps ongoing for at least 2-year. 

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  • It fits with any occasion or scenario.
  • “Simple nudge” reminders for incoming event/mail/call.

GLIGO’s waterproof body will keep you easygoing when you’re showering, at the beach, or working out.