Gillette’s Heated Razor to reinvent the shaving experience

To give customers the experience of a barber’s shave, grooming brand Gillette has launched a Heated Razor. Featuring a ‘warming bar’ that keeps the cartridge nice and toasty. The heating technology claims to offer the comfort of a hot towel with every stroke.

GilleteLabs is all about reinventing the experience of shaving. Hence, they have evolved a heated shaver that is what something beyond imagination. While identical inventions had been tried prior to now, none of them were a success to give this type of look. Most agree that the name of the game to Gillette’s good fortune lies within the heated bar of the razor; earlier designs included a heated blade as an alternative.

Heat and warmth are constant variables in that search for a better shave. The epitome of a shaving experience is a hot towel shave. Something that only a few guys are able to indulge once in a while. That’s why Gillette is introducing their first heated razor.

A razor that makes the comfort of a hot towel shave accessible to guys every morning. Sensations are applied in an intentional way to create indulge experience. Heat has an extensive history in personal care it helps to reduce the effects of pain, it increases blood flow.

The warming bar heats up in less than a second and distributes an even and soothing warmth to the skin. The four intelligent heat sensors continuously reheat the warming bar to maintain a safe and consistent temperature.

Flex disc technology which helps to maintain skin contact in order to give a smooth shave but also to maximize the heat delivery. They designed the razor to be waterproof so you can even use it in the shower. The magnetic changing stands make sure it is easily accessible and always charged.

The warming bar delivers heat in within a second and is activated via one-touch technology. The heat of the razor is adjustable depending on the preference. Once you optimized, it maintains a consistent and comfortable temperature. It is distributing heat evenly and contouring to your face throughout the entire shave.

This razor features an aerodynamic handle and five-blade technology. It helps to reduce the effects of pain and increases the blood flow. It distributes an even and soothing warmth to the skin. The device lasts up to six shaves and is charged using a wireless magnetic charging station.