Tuesday, April 23, 2024

German engineers turn a Tesla Model 3 into a giant electric tank

A bunch of German engineers converted an ordinary Tesla Model 3 into a massive six-ton electric tank to take it off-roading. So, this very beautiful-looking car is no longer a car but a tank to take on the enemy.

As seen in their YouTube video, the German builders added giant chain tracks to the car, turning an otherwise pedestrian sedan into a six-ton, fully electric off-roading rampager. The build took over the course of four weeks, “day and night,” and most of that time was spent on building those giant tracks using 1.3-ton chains.

In addition to their popularity and great electric powertrains, Tesla vehicles have also been popular for their conversions. Tesla owners have previously converted Teslas into a bunch of things, like a mini-tank with snow tracks and an off-road machine.

But this new project is very different and wonderful – a Tesla Model 3 with 80 cm (31-inch) of ground clearance that is going to be able to some rough terrain.

No word on the total cost for this, but converting an electric car is an expensive and hard work. Looking at humongous tracks, 12 springs, and all the fabrication, this is not the project for an average person. It’s great to see customers converting vehicles because they can’t find what they’re looking for.