Tuesday, May 21, 2024

German Bionic’s Cray-X power suit supports workers when lifting heavy loads

In many jobs, heavy lifting is a routine part of the daily work, which is also one of the leading causes of injury in the workplace. However, there are some companies that recognize such risks and problems and develop corresponding ideas and measures – such as Sarcos Robotics, Panasonic, and the robotics company German Bionic.

The Augsburg-based manufacturer German Bionic presents the latest generation of its smart power suit, dubbed the Cray-X, which helps people lift and carry heavy objects. It is made from ultra-light carbon fiber and supports workers when lifting heavy loads by actively amplifying their movements and thus, significantly reducing the risk of accidents and protecting the lower back from excessive strain.

The fourth generation Cray-X
The fourth generation Cray-X. Credit: German Bionic

The fourth-generation Cray-X, worn on the body like a backpack, combines human intelligence with machine power – because each exoskeleton learns from the individual movements of the respective user and adjusts the support accordingly. In addition, anonymized sensor data from the exoskeletons are collected, analyzed, and used for research on the German Bionic IO cloud-based platform. By means of standard APIs, the intelligent power suit can be easily connected to any Smart Factory ecosystem and thus helps to boost productivity as well as health and safety.

The intelligent use of data collected from machine learning and IoT is crucial so that such products can constantly improve. Its dual high-performance servo motors are capable of offsetting weights of up to 28 kg. The carbon-fiber exoskeleton is powered by a quickly exchangeable standard battery pack that supports the lifting of heavy loads – for up to 8 hours on a single charge.

It combines human intelligence with machine power.
It combines human intelligence with machine power. Credit: German Bionic

Combined with the all-new smart Cray Visor, Cray-X power suit complete with augmented reality capabilities. What’s more, it also helps protect wearers from airborne health risks.

With various pricing plans and service levels available, the German Bionic Cray-X is fully geared to the individual needs of your business, whatever its size. The company is offering a perfect solution for all types of requirements – from small businesses to large corporations – starting at as little as €699 (about $798) per month.