Gemini: Enjoy multiple screens on-the-go

Every professional wants to be a multitasker. We love having multiple screens on our desks in the office or at home. But this option is not available when we work in any hotel, coffee shops or anywhere on-the-go. Also, we cannot carry them everywhere we go.

So, we need a small, portable device that goes with us everywhere and we can enjoy the convenience of the multiple screening.

Considering all these problems introducing Gemini- the most affordable on-the-go monitor. It is just 15.6” monitor with kickstand and in-built battery.

It comes with 2 versions- the first one is Gemini FHD with 1080p resolution and touchscreen feature. The second is Gemini UHD with a 3840 x 2160 screen resolution which delivers a more bright and detailed display.

Gemini: Construction
Gemini: Construction

It is highly portable that goes with you anywhere, whether, for work or entertainment, the gadget will bring you an exceptional experience.

What makes Gemini stands out?

Gemini’s useful design and flexibility make it different. It has 8mm-thick metal chassis, weighs just 2lbs, 5,000mAh battery, built-in speaker and more.

Gemini: metal kickstand
Gemini: metal kickstand

It comes with the surface-style kickstand which helps you to carry and place it everywhere. A full-metal kickstand design gives Gemini solid stability. It allows you to use Gemini in both portrait mode and landscape mode.

Gemini is powered by its own on-board battery that provides power for more than 5 hours. Also, The battery works as a power bank for your smartphones and other mobile devices anytime.

Gemini: compatible with any device out there
Gemini: compatible with any device out there

While its versatile connectivity options let it work with any device you can think of.

Gemini: enjoy multiple screens
Gemini: enjoy multiple screens

You can easily boost your productivity with Gemini. It is compatible with any brand of laptops available. Simply, plug it and play.

Moreover, you can turn your smartphone into a laptop by simply connecting it with Gemini. Enjoy all the smartphone apps, view images and play HD videos.

This monitor is versatile and you can easily find many ways to use it, such as sharing the screen in conversations or displaying more lines for coding.


Gemini: specifications
Gemini: specifications

Other features:

  • Mirror mode- for discussion, demonstration, and presentation,
  • Extension mode- for more access,
  • Portrait mode- for better coding layout, big data analysis, large databases, and files reading.

In addition, with this affordable monitor, you can enjoy your favorite games on a bigger screen.


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