Monday, June 17, 2024

The Gateway electric moped with up to 120 km of autonomy

The American company Monday Motorbikes has presented its new electric moped model, halfway between a moped and a bicycle, called “the Gateway.” Its minimalist design with a V-shaped frame on which all components are mounted, including an engine and pedals, reminiscent the famous Derbi Variant moped.

Monday Motorcycle will offer the Gateway in two versions. The first is the Gateway, with an electric motor and pedaling assistance through a transmission chain. The second is the Gateway Booster that doubles the power and autonomy and eliminates the pedals completely. The two versions include double rear shock absorbers, double crown front suspension forks, and a complete LED lighting system with a large headlight and a small rear light.

Monday Gateway
Monday Gateway has a V-shaped design and a large headlight.

An extended seat that allows two people to transport, more comfortable suspension and wider tires are part of the modern design.

The basic version, the Monday Gateway, has a 500W Bafang Motor located in the rear hub, which allows reaching a maximum speed of 45 km/h (28 mph). According to the manufacturer, it will be able to reach 64 km (40 miles) of autonomy at “low speeds” thanks to a 624 Wh battery.

The Gateway Features
The Gateway Features

Its sale price will be $1,436 (1,300 euros), as long as the order is placed in advance (the final sale price will be $2,400 or 2178 euros), the cheapest in its entire catalog.

The top version, the Gateway Booster, doubles the power of the electric motor, reaching up to 1,200W, which raises the maximum speed to 56 km/h (35 mph). This extra speed is available only in one of the driving modes called “off-road”, which must be specifically selected by the driver in those places where it is possible to move above the legal speeds. In this case, the pedals and, therefore, the assistance options are completely eliminated. The disc brakes are hydraulic and individual, both in the front (which are still double) and in the rear.

Monday Gateway Booster
Monday Gateway Booster

Its autonomy doubles that of the basic version, reaching 120 kilometers. The anticipated retail price is $2,100 (1,900 euros) and the final price is $ 3,500 (3,177 euros). Shippings are scheduled in April 2020.

Monday Motorbikes is using the Indiegogo platform to raise the fund, where it already appears as an established company with several projects carried out successfully.

Another example of this trend is the Juiced Scorpion, a model created in California that will also be approved as a moped in Europe. There is also an American RadRunner that follows this line of design at an affordable price.