Thursday, April 18, 2024

Gamewarez Granite Hurricane, first official gaming beanbag

Playing video games can be a fun time for everyone. But when they’re played on gaming chairs designed specifically for playing titles, they’re much more fun.

A German company- Gamewarez comes with its innovative gaming chairs, characterized by an attractive design and an incredibly durable surface. A stylish and comfortable beanbag called “Granite Hurricane”, that fits in every living room.

Gamewarez offers players maximum comfort and relaxation, guaranteeing a complete and 100% enjoyable gaming experience.

What makes this gaming chair innovative and extremely comfortable are- the internal filling with high-quality, dust-proof EPS-beads. These breads adapt perfectly to the body and ensure a comfortable, upright sitting position in combination with the stable backrest. Additionally, an internal net solution protects the EPS-beads from spilling and makes it easier to refill the beanbag.

Granite Hurricane inner net
Granite Hurricane inner net

Besides, this exclusive beanbag consists of smooth, dark grey artificial leather, and the seating surface comes with a noble double-stitching (in dual line design).

In addition, the external polyester coating guarantees a strong resistance to tears and wear and is water-repellent, stain-proof, and, therefore, very easy to clean.

Provides extreme comfort:

It has multiple pockets and a headset holder
It has multiple pockets and a headset holder

The Granite Hurricane provides some other practical functions that make it add more comfort to enjoy the environment. It comes with a headphone holder and expandable side pockets to have everything in reach that you need. Players can store any type of object or accessory from snacks to remote to a smartphone to tablet, for an intense and satisfying game session.

Gaming Seat Size
Gaming Seat Size

Also, the Granite Hurricane is easy to carry around thanks to its low weight (just 5.7Kg). This allows a quick and easy positioning in front of the TV and an even more intense gaming experience.

Separate station as footrest or as additional seat
A separate station as a footrest or as an additional seat

And for those who want to enjoy a little relaxation, Gamewarez has also created a small, comfortable and compact pouf of the same line. It can serve as a footrest or seating for other players or friends, perfect even just to see a movie in the company.