Friday, May 27, 2022

FusionLens 2.0, the next generation cinematic lens

A team strong at computer vision, particularly in 360° image processing has introduced ‘FusionLens’. This lens is designed with the vision to get everyone involved in 360° photography.

However, the second version of FusionLens 2.0 is the world’s most versatile lens for a smartphone to capture anamorphic, 8mm wide-angle and 360°. This lens designed exceptionally to fulfill all the dreams a real photographer have all his life.

FusionLens is actually a clip-on lens system for your smartphone.

Photographers are well aware of the hassles come across their passion for photography. Such as carrying a bunch of bulky lenses and many devices to capture a specific scenario with a unique perspective.

For this purpose, few accessories are common in the photographer’s bag. For instance, a wide-angle lens, a 360° camera, an anamorphic lens and a fisheye lens. Here the FusionLens 2.0 comes with all these features found in separate accessory. It is all-in-one lens accessory empowers you to access and switch between the features.


This most powerful lens is engineered with a 30mm lens module, and that is enough wide to shoot stunning sights. Today commonly used anamorphic format are 2.35:1 or 2:40:1. Whereas, FusionLens 2.0 enables an iPhone camera to shoot an amazing super-wide anamorphic video in 23:9 aspect ratio.

“FusionLens operates both selfie and main camera of an iPhone, enabling the capture of immersive 360° memory with 6K resolution.” With this feature, you can capture both ends of the street in a single shot.

“The smart mount enables intuitive and precise lens alignment to the front- and rear-facing camera of an iPhone. Each lens provides 210° field of view. With the advanced computational photography algorithm, FusionLens reforms imaging formation to deliver a wide spectrum of special effects.”

FusionLens Wide Capture
FusionLens Wide Capture

It provides several hardware advantages to iPhone users. Such as you can shift between selfie and camera on one tap and allow to use both cameras to capture 360°. It is designed to protect iPhone with screen protectors. Similarly, the flexible and smart clip-on design is compatible with different iPhone models from X, XS to XS Max.

FusionLens Mount
FusionLens Mount

FusionLens 2.0 has the upgradable design enables you to change the lens mount to support all the existing and coming iPhone models. Likewise, it is engineered with a dual-lens module, each lens with 210-degree to capture stunning images.

It is built with premium grade materials, anodized Aluminum and glass lens with an anti-flair coating.

FusionLens 2.0 Specifications
FusionLens 2.0 Specifications

Besides, FusionLens is developed with a companion mobile application devised with an advanced computational photography algorithm. Simply upgrade the app to access a powerful camera kit.

Tim Lo, CEO of FusionLens, said, “We never stop enhancing the product. We see great potential in computational photography technologies.”

“There are a lot more interesting features coming to surprise our consumers.”

FusionLens 2.0 is designed and developed with an exceptional algorithm to change the photography history. Simply, it offers a filmmaker like photography.


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