FUNT: Creates the animal shape by assembling the animal’s name

Funt is designed to make the process of learning more simple and engrossing. It is education through a fun. It is actually created to evolve the process of learning. Funt is nothing but the Fun+Font. Which simply signifies the intention to make learning a language learning.

Funt will evoke the creativity and enhance the imagination of your child. This product creates the animal shape by joining the animal’s name. The Bind strength of the blocks is amazing. They are lightweight and safe.

We know children are inherently interested in letters and organic education about animals. Creators of this project exploit the same nature to design these blocks. This product eventually improves the reasoning and space perception abilities in kids. Else, children can play with it as a toy and used with the interior items.

Funt Duck Assembly
Funt Duck Assembly

For instance, if your kid wants to learn about the character ‘D’. We know D for Duck. So, this is how he will assemble the blocks and create ‘Duck’ shape.

Funt Characters
Funt Characters

Funt product contains 26 alphabet animals from A to Z and one Funt character. The assembled toys’ silhouette is the original form of language.

Funt Blocks Assemblies
Funt Blocks Assemblies

The kit is consist of the letters with great binding strength and assembly instructions. These blocks are made from environment-friendly cardboard material and are painted with harmless, and water-soluble paint. They used a special waterproof coating on these blocks.

Complete product weighs 4kg and material utilized is Corrugated cardboard. Width, length, and height of first product set is 135mm, 290mm, and 160mm respectively.

Fun together with fonts will make your child’s learning more creative and foster imagination. Learning language for a kid was never so interesting before.


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