Sunday, March 26, 2023

Funnygo: Redefine the way how you do sports

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If something isn’t fun or engaging, we tend to drop it. And it applies in the gym as well. Especially when working out alone, you get bored easily and even feel reluctant to go to the gym. Chances are you might start killing time in the gym by playing with your phone rather than sweating by all means.

And this is where Funnygo comes! For bringing everybody an everlasting interesting experience, funny go is going to redefine the way how you do sports, making it possible to work out anytime,anywhere.

Funnygo App
Funnygo App

It comes with the Funnygo App for your Android and Apple phones so that you can exercise and keep fit anytime and anywhere. It will make sure you won’t feel lonely even if you exercise at home alone. Meanwhile, it can save your time for card application and travel time. Additionally, it supports voice chat which lets you exercise not alone.

How to use it?

The main sensor is placed on one side of the human body’s feet and two gesture sensors are placed near the hand. Simply, open the Funnygo app and connect Bluetooth. Now, you are all set to enjoy the workout. No endless work and frequent business trips anymore, it is a real solution for people who always have an excuse to skip the gym.

exercise and stay fit anytime and anywhere
Exercise and stay fit anytime and anywhere

It’s fun when you enjoy any activity with the social team. Funnygo supports 100 people running in one screen. You can make the team and compete with each other. Unlock a brand new sports experience!

Funnygo Enjoy with number of sports
Unlock a brand new sports experience!

The App features an exclusive titles,ranking system, so you can keep the record of your running activity and improve your rank day by day. Also, you can share your score on the social media platform in just one click.

It keeps the record of the health data analysis. It supports wireless connectivity and comes with Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility.

Funnygo Hand gesture control
Hand gesture control

Also, its 3 sensors and 0.1 seconds sampling frequency capture every single step and hand gesture nothing can stop you to keep moving from. The App gives you the freedom to choose the competitors according to their gender, age, and weight.

In addition, Funnygo offers full compatibility! It goes well with the workout machine of different brands and you can play synchronously on a big screen through your phone.

Product details

Dimensionally it is 110x50x35mm, small and light enough to easily carry in bag or pocket that enables you to start jogging whenever you want delicate.

Funnygo supports high load and long term exercises! The built-in 600mAh battery can work continuously for 2.5 hours and can be charged at any time. It is convenient and quick to use.

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