Freshoe 2: The most portable shoe Deodorizer with light therapy

You might have the experience of foul smell and sticky shoes after long travel or sports. If you go for washing them it will take hours to dry. Hardly there is any conventional quick alternative to dry and make them smell-free.

However, Freshoe 2 is the full proof solution to avoid these prevalent problems. It keeps the shoes dry, smell-free and no fungus. It will simply improve your wearing experience after sports or travel. Eventually, it will extend 2 more years of a life of shoes.

Freshoe 2 devised the latest and fastest sterilization, UVC LED, 260-275nm. It will kill fungus in just 1-minute. It is also equipped with the hand-held sterilization. This feature empowers you to kill all the fungus and bacteria in 1-minute.

Hand-held sterilization
Hand-held sterilization

This powerful sterilization prevents the foot, tinea corporis, ringworm of the nails, etc from the problems caused by bacteria and fungus. The suggested distance between the lamps is about 1 cm.

The new technology relieves all the ill effects such as foot itching and foot odor can be caused by bacteria and fungus. However, it causes zero damage to the human body. It uses the UV-Rays to kill fungus, the moisture is dried and the odor is volatilized simultaneously inside the shoe.

Pure physical deodorization
Pure physical deodorization

A team designed Freshoe 2 according to the aerodynamic principle. They said, “We designed a streamlined exhaust system and chose a costly silent fan. The wet and smelly air inside the shoe is discharged out of the shoe. Pure physical deodorization is safe.”

It is equipped with a 360-degree sterilization 4-way system. First is the smart temperature control, where the heater band is working. The whole Aluminum shell reaches to 55℃ fast and dries the shoe within 15 minutes. This particular temperature set because it will not hurt the skin and works at high-efficiency.

Freshoe 2 deodorization
Freshoe 2 deodorization

They have used the pure physical system for deodorization. A team explained, “We use the turbine and quiet fan, to bring new air outside, and blow the smell and wet air out. We refuse to use the chemical, which may be harmful to foot.”

Freshoe 2 houses a high-efficiency Air Ionizer, which can keep the negative anion as 3×10⁶. The anion helps to speed up the blood circulation of food and relieve the fatigue.

This device has a built-in 5200mAh battery, which can clean 6 shoes in one charge. It is portable and fit for all your shoes.

Freshoe2 Design
Freshoe2 Design

There are three modes to use the Freshoe2. In the first mode, you just need to press and hold the button for 3 seconds. It is the quick dry mode 15 minutes cycle where blue light blinks.

Second is the odor elimination mode of 30 minutes cycle which enlightens the solid blue color light. In the last or third mode, germs and bacteria are killed using the hand-held device in 5 minutes. It illuminates red and blue light together.

Specifications of Freshoe2

  • Size: 58mm*58mm*114mm
  • Net weight: 190g
  • Shell: Aluminium
  • Package:USB cable for 5V-2A
  • Quick dry mode:15 minutes
  • Odor elimination:30 minutes
  • Kill Germs on foot:5 minutes(only for ULT version)
  • Heating and Drying system:55℃ stable temperature by smart control
  • Deodorization system:The turbine and quiet fan
  • Air Ionizer:>3*106/cm3(10cm away from the air ionizer)

Freshoe2 has more than 150,000 hours life which can work 5 years. It will keep your shoes dry and prevent foul smell. It works smartly to relieve foot fatigue and other foot problems caused by bacteria and fungus.


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