Forcite smart motorcycle helmet: Track your performance while riding

Smart helmets are going to be the next big thing in the motorcycle world. While companies like Shoei are working on the same technology, small companies like Forcite are also there.

The startup is working on a nice-looking carbon lid with built-in cameras, Bluetooth, audio and a performance-tracking sensor suite.

Let’s get the details!

A man riding with Forcite smart motorcycle helmet
A man riding with Forcite smart motorcycle helmet

The smart helmet comes with Forcite lid made with carbon fiber shell which makes it extremely lightweight. Instead of placing the built-in camera on the top, it is given on the chin which will give a nicer view on more upright naked and cruiser bikes. But if you are riding a sports bike, it might give you nothing but speedometer.

Forcite App
Forcite App

In addition, the built-in Bluetooth headset allows you to connect the helmet to your phone and get calls, music, podcasts, and navigation prompts streaming into your ears. Also, you can connect it to another helmet for getting the long-range Bluetooth intercom functions.

The next super impressive feature is Forcite smart motorcycle helmet’s sensor suite which features gyroscopes, barometers, accelerometers, altimeters, and GPS chips. This enables Forcite to do some nifty automatic ride analysis through its phone app – stuff like lap times, auto-generated ride maps. The inner lithium battery pack is claimed to withstand cutting, bending, piercing and high impact without exploding.

Forcite smart motorcycle helmet back view
Forcite smart motorcycle helmet back view

Overall, the helmet uses cameras, noise-canceling technology, a navigation system, and an electronically tinted visor that can adjust tint in milliseconds.

A few years before, Forcite launched ‘Forcite Alpine’, the world’s first smart helmet for snow sports which films, tracks, communicates and shares in one. It was equipped with action cameras, UHF radio, headphones, and GPS trackers – setting it up slows you down. A smart helmet that was designed to capture everything while you are enjoying the snow.

And now the company is hoping to get a better response to their ‘Forcite smart motorcycle helmet.’ There’s no price or release date as yet. While the company is searching for riders to act as test pilots for their ultralight but an ultra-hi-tech smart helmet.


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