Tuesday, April 23, 2024

ForceTubeVR: Feel the VR Game

Everybody loves playing VR games and gets a feel while playing that you are actually in the game. However, with the existing VR headsets, we need to grab the rifle in any VR FPS every time. Also, we couldn’t get the real feel of shooting a rifle.

So, with the mission of creating something that delivers a real feeling of being inside the game, the inventors at ProTubeVR have developed ‘ForceTubeVR’. It is a haptic module that replaces the butt of the rifle, simulating rumble and kick impact on your shoulder.

With ForceTubeVR, you will feel like you are a real soldier and killing your opponent. This haptic module comes packed with lots of features.

Now you can enjoy your VR games in an easy and comfortable way. It is a real plug-and-play device, which makes it very easy to use. Once paired with Windows, using any third-party software on natively compatible apps is not mandatory. The game is directly talking to the ForceTubeVR.

Besides, it has an Android companion app that can detect the rumble signal and transfer it to the ForceTubeVR with a wide range of possible settings.

The moving pad at its back directly interacts with the user’s shoulder with a variable amount of force, up to 60 newtons. Also, the device can play rumble effects at different intensities, from low to high frequency.

The device weights about 750 grams with a thickness of 3 to 4 cm.

ForceTubeVR Size
ForceTubeVR Size

It’s very irritating when you start involving in the game, and the battery runs out. The ForceTubeVR is equipped with a battery that lasts over 7 hours on intensive arcade use and more than 10 hours on regular use.

Another amazing feature is its auto re-connectivity. As it is eyes-free operation friendly, it can be switched ON and OFF during gameplay and reconnects by itself. So, you do not need to put effort into restarting it or doing anything, also do not even need to take off your HMD.

ForceTubeVR is already compatible with each HMDs such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and the future Oculus Quest, Acer/Lenovo, Samsung Odyssey, Pimax