Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Foodora’s 5G delivery droid Doora to begin making food deliveries in Stockholm

Q-commerce company Foodora, in collaboration with the telecom operator Tele2, is testing home deliveries with 5G technology in central Stockholm. This week, in the next phase, the robot “Doora” will begin making food deliveries to a test group of customers, which means that autonomous home deliveries are within reach.

Doora is a two-wheeled autonomous delivery robot that can be used to transport both food and other products, weighing up to 20 kg. With a top speed of 6km/h and eight-hour battery life, it is hoped that the Q-commerce droid will be seen in cities across Sweden following the trial.

Thanks to the mobile IoT and Tele2’s 5G network, the Doora robot can perceive its surroundings, communicate and thus create a situation-adapted service: autonomous home deliveries. It has a camera that sends information via 5G in real-time to Foodora, which can track and trace the robot and quickly send data to and from Doora. The robot is autonomous but can also be controlled remotely if a situation should arise where it would be needed.

Foodora and Tele2 started testing Doora last month by letting it on the streets of Stockholm, with the autonomous robot being analyzed for its ability to work around objects and passers-by. The delivery robot also underwent tests around handling pedestrian crossings and curbs.

Now, in the second phase of testing, Foodora will analyze how well Doora works during collection and delivery, as well as collect feedback from partners and customers for the development of the service.

Foodora predicts that the number of home deliveries will increase significantly in the future, which is why Foodora is constantly working to find smoother and better solutions adapted to the needs of the future.