Monday, May 20, 2024

Flydigi Stinger: First CapAir mapping game trigger

Knowing the craze for the #1 PUBG as well Fortnite, this new gaming gadget came to life. It will truly help you rule the game.

A group of gaming enthusiasts and geek on the hardware has designed and devised a Flydigi Stinger. They consistently have been working to bring the great experience of mobile game operation to you.

Flydigi developed gaming gadget is the world’s first CapAir Mapping mobile game trigger for PUBG and Fortnite. You can effectively improve you’re aiming accuracy, shoot faster, and have flexible multi-control for mobile games. It is easy to use, comfortable and packed with high-quality features.

Stinger is devised with Flydigi’s patented CapAir Mapping technology. This technology simulated human hand touch by sending a capacitive signal and it doesn’t need any external connection. Such as Bluetooth or wired connection and third-party applications. Flydigi Stinger is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Flydigi Stinger with Wasp
Flydigi Stinger with Wasp

It instantly establishes a stable connection. Also, simulation of a mouse clicks and its ergonomic design is more engaging. To improve your gaming experience to the next level, use a pair of Stingers or combine it with Flydigi Wasp to achieve a wider field of view and flexible multi-control.

Flydigi Stinger is exceptional in terms of Auto mode. With this gadget, you can shoot eight times It utilizes a combination of CapAir Mapping technology and built-in Lithium active impulses that simulates a touchscreen auto fire of 8 times per second. Which sets it apart from other gamepads or triggers on the market. Simple Long press of your Stinger boosts your fire.

Its stretchable design easily fits your phone of widths up to 82mm and locks it safely. You need not to take off your phone case to use this Stinger. Overall it is a user-friendly gadget to enhance your gaming experience. Though the Stinger fits your phone perfectly will not affect your connection and control sensitivity.

Flydigi Stinger Specifications
Flydigi Stinger Specifications

There is notch designed to prevent users from mistakenly pressing the volume button or lock buttons during gaming. This ultra-portable and lasts up to 120 hours. Flydigi Stinger has 120 hours of battery life in 2 hours of charging.

About testing a team explained, “We set out to design a trigger with a mobile gamer’ perspective in mind. For better comfort and performance, we went beyond what is possible with previous clipping designed mobile triggers.”

“We performed thousands of tests and went through 12 different design optimizations on size, buttons, and layout, to create Flydigi Stinger. An ergonomically designed trigger that perfectly fits the hands and provides comfort, secure fit, and better gaming feedback.”