Friday, February 23, 2024

Fly Free Smart: Retro Style Electric Motorcycle

The team of engineers and designers at FLY FREE SMART Motorcycles reinventing and handcrafting 3 motorcycles from the 1950s -The Scrambler, Brat and Cafe Racer. They actually wanted to give riders a great looking motorcycle that was a joy to handle and gas free.

The FLY FREE SMART DESERT is the world’s most classically designed electric motorcycle that’s visually spot on, fun to ride and a clear winner for urban commuting.

The Smart Desert is equipped with old-style off-road tires and wider handlebars with the bar feature at the top. The motorcycles ITS stripped-down Style enables it to cross from corner to corners without concerns, climbing mountains and crossing muddy off-road terrain.

Smart Motorcycle: Construction
Smart Motorcycle: Construction

Besides, it is integrated with the 3000 W electric motor. The motor is capable of propelling the bike at up to 50mph. The motor has three different speed modes such as eco, city, and speed giving greater comfort in either low, medium or high speed.

You will experience very low maintenance performance based on our excellent motor. Adding another battery doubles how far you can go.

Another exceptional feature is its easily removable battery packs. Equipped with LG brand lithium batteries, it offers the range of up to 50miles. After 700 cycles the battery maintains 70% of its initial charge capacity.

The rounded model speed meter offers a retro style, showing speed, battery level, distance. It also displays the temperature of the engine, controller, and battery. With a clear digital readout and beautiful blue face, your speedometer will keep you very well informed.

Smart Motorcycle: Speed meter and Push Button
Smart Motorcycle: Speed meter and Push Button

A big push start button is given for starting the motorcycle just in a single push. By placing the button right above the tank, you’re given instant access to reliable power.

Smart App:

In addition, the team developed a smart app compatible with your androids and iOS. This App will lock/unlock via Bluetooth and gives tamper notification within 50meters.

It also features an Anti-theft mode which stops all the operations if your bike gets stolen. The app will also notify you if the motorcycle’s battery drops below 50%.

For adding a classic retro look to the motorcycle, the lighting system is designed in a unique way.

Smart Motorcycle: Lighting System
Smart Motorcycle: Lighting System
  • Headlight The headlamp in LED gives it a modern look and the great lighting.
  • Rear light the round LED rear light also gives a stylish retro look.
  • The logo designed on the side of the motorcycle also has a LED that marked by a sophisticated and unique design.


Smart Desert: Specifications
Smart Motorcycle: Specifications

Moreover, a USB charging port is given just right to the speed meter, which empowers you to keep your electronics gadgets charged on the go.

You can leave your Smart Desert with its features adding to its unique and exclusive accessories. It has support for surfboard or snowboard, double brown bag, black bag, double steel box or skateboard support.