Thursday, April 18, 2024

Flexiv launches the world’s first force-controlled parallel robot

China’s adaptive robot maker Flexiv has unveiled Moonlight, the world’s first-ever force-controlled parallel robot.

Flexiv’s ‘Moonlight’ parallel robot is ideal for applications that require precise motion and force control, such as screw fastening, ultra-accurate loading, and polishing.

Thanks to Flexiv’s innovative force control technology, the Moonlight robot can accurately measure force down to 0.1 N, so even delicate objects can be handled with great precision and care. Thanks to this, it is possible to perform the tasks of polishing and grinding uneven surfaces while guaranteeing output quality and practically eliminating workpiece damage.

With industry-leading repeatability and accuracy levels, the ability to be installed at any angle, and advanced artificial intelligence integration, Moonlight is suitable for all applications that require flexibility, reliability, and adaptability.

The Moonlight robot can handle 12kg loads at low speeds and loads of up to 7kg at speeds of up to 1.5m/s. It complies with Pl d safety requirements, supports EtherCat communications, and is IP65-protected. The company says its robot can complete tasks that usually require conventional robot arms while maintaining the agility and speed of a parallel robot, providing its operators with true operational versatility.

“Moonlight is a combination of our award-winning Rizon series of robots and the industry-proven parallel bot design,” said Hao Jiang, Director of Product Development for Flexiv. “We saw that in some specific applications, customers needed a powerful, cost-effective robotic solution that combines highly precise force control with adaptability, so that’s what we built. With its increased speed and greater precision, Moonlight boosts production efficiency while retaining a multirole capacity.”

The adaptive parallel robot is due to be released in the third quarter of 2023.