Flex Sport: Sweatproof wireless headphones are perfect for gym

Sweatproof Headphones

Recently JLab has introduced sweatproof wireless headphones, FLex Sport. They are perfect for people mostly engrossed in a workout. These headphones are a pair of wireless, sweatproof over-ears designed for those who hate the feeling of in-ear headphones during workouts.

JLab CEO Win Cramer said, “Every time I go into a gym (though admittedly not as often as I would like) I see people wearing heavy over-ear headphones. I knew we could design these better.”

“Flex Sport are so durable they twist 180 degrees; there’s no other headphone that can do that. Plus, the tension headbands snap on for a firmer, more secure fit at the gym or a looser feel while at your desk without a tension band. From materials to customizable sound, Flex Sport is truly the most advanced headphone we’ve ever made.”

The Flex Sport are the ultimate on-ear fitness headphone. Built with multiple ways to customize your comfort, they’ll never slip during workouts.

A long 20-hour battery life keeps you going throughout the week. Recharge with the USB type-C charging cable. The strong sweat resistance will hold up against the sweatiest moments, you can take the ear cups off to wash them after.

Hear your music and natural ambient noise at the same time, keeping you safe to hear cars and road noises while running outdoors or chatting with a buddy during a workout. Turn the Be Aware Audio on or off so you can determine when it’s time to stay alert or really get in the zone and GO.

Two removable Tension Bands allow three fitting preferences; Loose (without Tension Band), Normal or Tight. In addition to this the removable, rinse off headband pad provides extra comfort for extended wear.

Easily adjust the volume, play or pause, and skip tracks with a quick click track control. Accept or reject calls and activate Siri or Google Assistant with the built-in microphone.

Three 3 EQ sound settings;

  1. Signature
  2. Balanced
  3. Bass Boost

It is a complete set of features. It has 20-hours of playtime. Earbuds are removable and washable. Also, the built-in microphone enables to take calls hands-free. Flex Sport will shape the sounds of your favorite music while you work out, and a built-in microphone even lets you take calls without messing with your cell phone.