Washing dishes and glasses is the very first step in the kitchen we learn. And breaking them must be the second. Chuckles!! Along with the fear of the breaking glasses, proper cleaning is also the problem. Reaching the glass at the bottom is hard and may take more effort to make it clean without any left dirt.

First Wave got the perfect solution for it. They have designed a new Glass Rinser powers away hard-to-reach residue. Whether you’re pre-cleaning for the dishwasher or washing a single item by hand it will help you brilliantly.

The First Wave Glass Rinser is powered by water jets that have high-pressured water. Any feed bottles for babies, cups, and glasses are easy to clean and reach it without putting effort to do this. Cleaner bottles and glass can lead us into a healthier life.

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This perfect for bars and restaurants, and even at our own home. That means no more stained wine glasses, lingering smoothie crud, or leftover baby bottle gunk. It designed to mount cleanly into a standard sink or countertop hole, so it’s the perfect replacement for your old soap pump or spray nozzle.

Simply push your glass, water bottle, or any other hard-to-clean item down on the spring-loaded pad. High-pressure water blasts up to clean where hands can’t reach.



  • Simple design
  • Easy installation
  • The rinsing jet is positioned perfectly for hard-to-reach cleaning
  • High pressured jets are perfect

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