Sunday, March 3, 2024

The first Graphene beauty rejuvenation instrument: Air Face

Nobel Prize-winning material ‘Graphene’, known as ‘miracle material’ or ‘revolutionary material’ of the 21st century, has several remarkable benefits. It is a high-tech Carbon nanomaterial and the thinnest two-dimensional structure in the world is now being used in the beauty industry.

Its most unique property is its ability to release far-infrared light waves when heated. It emits a light wave of 5~15μm which is consistent with the far-infrared waveband of the human body.

The Rossui Official discovered an amazing property of Graphene to use it as a beauty treatment. That is, it can go deep into the skin layer, produce effective “resonance” with the water molecules of skin and detoxify it, activate skin cells, promote facial micro-circulation, and inject new energy into cells.

Radiation band of Graphene light
Radiation band of Graphene light

“The resonance generated by two-phase wave interference can effectively promote the thermal movement of human cells. As well, activates the functional mechanism and vitality of human cells and injects new energy into cells. Therefore, it is known as the life light wave.”

The team designed and developed a new device that harnesses the power of Graphene for total rejuvenation.

This mask designed to fulfill the need of skin to function properly. It improves skin metabolism and increases circulation to accelerate the blood oxygen of dermal layer cells for better functions. Eventually, it enhances the complete texture of the skin.

Manual Instructions to use Air Face
Manual Instructions to use Air Face

This amazingly enhanced metabolism creates strong vitality and helps to repair the damaged connective tissue of the skin. This helps to combat the most discovered skin problems such as dark spots, acne and more.

Besides, the moisture in the skin cells is activated by Graphene’s unique resonance. The Air Mask treatment help you regain the young and beautiful face.

Most of the skin problems are due to blockage and waste material in the skin. Here, the rejuvenation of skin required to metabolizes waste and dirt to clean and discharge pores. This treatment makes the skin bright, clean and exquisite.

Similarly, Air Face lightens the acne spots and smooths the fine lines to slow down the aging process.

An amazing skin repairer weighs only 60 grams and 0.3m thick for pressure-free comfort. It is made from nano Silver slurry. Air Face devised a 10000mAh mobile power supply USB charging. It is customizable with five constant temperature settings.