Monday, December 4, 2023

FELIX: The revolutionary smart computer for aquarium

What if I would say you can now wander anywhere in the world without worrying about your pet fish? Yes, a team which includes engineers, software developers, researchers, and entrepreneurs has developed a FELIX.

It is the world’s first smart computer for an aquarium. It is compatible with any aquarium. You can reimagine the whole aquarium experience with this novel tool.

With FELIX you can monitor your aquarium anytime from anywhere in the world. A team which has developed this an amazing gadget has an extensive experience with fish, plants, and aquariums. So, undoubtedly they have put their best efforts to make FELIX, a smart computer.

It is built on an open software and hardware platform, therefore expandability and integration are limitless. Also, open API permits to integrate with a wide range of devices easily.

FELIX: Equipped with different technologies
Felix Smart

This tool will make fish and plant keeping fun and interactive. Above this whole, you will have complete control over all aquarium devices through a mobile app.

From any place in the world, you can monitor FELIX with voice commands through Siri, Alexa, and Google. Not merely a voice control but you also can view your aquarium with a fully submersible 360° camera.

In this tool APP is the chief feature to monitor almost everything. It oversees the power management of individual devices. APP has custom and automatic settings. It will generate timely alerts about the feedings, water changes, etc.

The second most attractive feature is its submersible 360 camera. You can view your aquarium from anywhere in the world. Its Expandable USB Hub for Integration as shown in the above image will allow you to add six more devices. Such as temperature sensors, pH meters, light controls, and feeders.

It is devised with additional life support. It is an additional backup power. The APP will automatically alert you during power failures. It works for up to seven days normally. Additional life support will increase the backup to 14 days.

Use your AR enabled phone, to see curated recommendations for your aquarium. It’s like having a professional aquarium designer in your pocket.