EZ Teethbrush brush your teeth four times faster

Brushing your teeth every morning is one of the morning rituals we must adhere. It takes a crucial time of our life. Certainly, it sounds peculiar as one talks about saving two minutes of a day that too for a personal hygiene.

Besides the time it plays a vital role in proper cleaning of teeth. The EZ Teethbrush (sic) has created this new toothbrush and reduced the time of brushing from two minutes to 30 seconds.

Studies have discovered that most people don’t brush for the full two minutes. However, large percentage of the U.S. population only brushes once a day. This device would help them vastly.

It looks like a retainer or sports mouthpiece mounted on an electric toothbrush handle. The bacteria-resistant mouthpiece contains rows of ultra-soft silicone bristles. Which promise to give your teeth the brushing they deserve and four times faster.

EZ Teethbrush brush your teeth four times faster

It’s a sonic-powered ‘EZ teethbrush’ that brushes all of your teeth simultaneously.

You simply need to rinse with water before use, add your favorite toothpaste, place in your mouth and turn on. Then while holding the handle, you use the modified bass technique recommended by dentists, which is small circular motions. A little back and forth is also required to get the back and front sides of the teeth.

EZ Teethbrush is designed with the scarcity of time in mind. Therefore, this toothbrush can cleanse your teeth in only 30 seconds. It is undoubtedly more efficient than traditional brushing. It whitens your teeth and removes stains.

EZ Teethbrush designed with three different user modes and auto-off timer. It’s authentic and intuitive design empowers you to cleans your teeth effortlessly.


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