Tuesday, May 14, 2024

EyeDrive- Holographic Car Assistant

Mostly, using mobile phones when you are driving a car is prohibited. You cannot even answer any important calls during driving. Distracted driving causes car crashes or injuries. Often looking into your smartphone for the map to find any place that you want to reach can be risky, as checking your route still takes your eyes off the road.

EyeLights company is about to launch a new product designed by senior automotive engineers and optic doctors, “EyeDrive-All New Holographic Car Assistant”.

This is an innovative display for your car windshield that puts your GPS route firmly in your field of vision, meaning you don’t have to take your eyes off the road ahead.

EyeDrive offers a safe way to get information from your phone apps while driving and without endangering yourself and others.

The company says EyeDrive’s holographic display is 4000 nits, which is ten times brighter than other solutions in the market. Its brightness is automatically controllable that it works the same during both day and night time.

In addition to holographic display technology, it comes with touchless gesture control, voice control, a wireless backup camera, full-car compatibility and full-app compatibility.

EyeDrive construction
EyeDrive construction

With EyeDrive you can display your favorite navigation app directly on your windshield. Then simply enter your desired address and get the best route and follow it without taking your eye off the road.

Now, you do not ever need to touch your phone during driving. EyeDrive allows you to listen and display your favorite music app from your phone to your windshield.

EyeDrive gesture sensor
EyeDrive gesture sensor

It comes with EyeDrive Gesture Control which is truly intuitive wireless technology. Its sensor uses infrared technology to detect your hand movements and establish different actions accordingly.

You simply need to swipe to accept or decline a call, to control your music and to start the backup camera.

With EyeDrive you do not need to worry about the parking issues. It has an easily installable, waterproof, wireless, cheaper, back view camera compatible with any car, which captures clear and lags free image and displays them on your windshield so that you can park your car safely.

The camera has a removable battery that can be easily removed and reloaded. As far as installation point of view, just peel off the sticker and stick it to wherever you want.

EyeDrives are compatible with your phone’s voice assistant which allows you to control your app while driving. you can play music you love, make calls, get directions, find parking with your voice.

Its display is fully transparent which does not block your view that you need to see. It accesses the information 10 times faster compared to your phone.