Tuesday, March 5, 2024

EVOC’s unveils Boa-equipped on-bike packs for off-road adventures

Every bigger adventure with mountain, gravel, or racing bikes requires more equipment and storage space on the bike itself. There is nothing worse than those heavy, large bike bags on your bike bouncing around as you ride over rough terrain. If you also faced the same problem ever, you might be interested in a lineup of rather innovative looking bikepacking bags.

EVOC Sports, a German company well known for its mountain bike focussed backpacks and bike travel bags, is teamed up with BOA to create a line of bikepacking bags that secure tightly to the various part of your bike to cut down on any movement. Made of robust and waterproof materials, the brand new collection of EVOC’s 2020 on-bike packs guarantees quick attachment and clever positioning of equipment.

The collection includes a handlebar bag, saddlebag, top tube bag, and a frame pack. The most interesting pieces in the range are the Handlebar Pack Boa and the Seat Pack Boa. Both use the Boa Fit system dial to attach the bags to the bike.

The Evoc Handlebar Boa is adjustable and accessible from both left and right ends. Image Credit: EVOC
The Evoc Handlebar Boa is adjustable and accessible from both left and right ends. Image Credit: EVOC

The Handlebar Pack Boa connects to your handlebar via two bar clamps that are tightened using the Boa dial, so there is no jounce or rattle during the ride. It comes in two sizes – medium 2.5-liter ($130) and large 5-liter ($150). The innovative, waterproof handlebar bag uses a roll-in closure on both ends for easy access to your gear and quick size adjustment depending on your volume of stuff.

Evoc's new Seat Pack Boa. Image Credit: EVOC
Evoc’s new Seat Pack Boa. Image Credit: EVOC

The Seat Pack Boa uses the same clamp and Boa dial system to securely attached to any bike. It can be easily attached to normal, dropper, and aero seat posts. The waterproof saddle bag made of abrasion-resistant material and comes in three sizes-small 1-liter ($110), medium 2-liter ($130), and large 3-liter ($150). It features a rollable end closure to fit the load neatly.

Evoc Top Tube Pack. Image Credit: EVOC
Evoc Top Tube Pack. Image Credit: EVOC

The next one is Top Tube Pack, which has a Power Bank on the side of the bag that charges your electronic gadgets as you ride. On the other hand, the Multi-Frame Pack gives you additional storage capacity in the triangle of your frame. The Frame pack comes in two sizes – small 0.7-liter ($45) and medium 1-liter ($50).

The Multi Frame Pack. Image Credit: EVOC
The Multi-Frame Pack. Image Credit: EVOC

Evoc’s Top Tube Pack and Multi-Frame packs do not include Boa closures, instead of going with multiple Velcro fastener loops. Besides, they have rubberized frame protectors to prevent scratching of the bike and abrasion-resistant, water-repellent construction to hold up to the elements.

All the packs are available in two colors – Carbon Grey or Loam (gold) – and will start shipping Autumn 2019. For more information on these bags, keep your eye on the company’s official website.