Monday, May 27, 2024

EUNORAU launches an all-terrain powerful fat-tire eBike

The American electric mobility company EUNORAU has launched a new monster model called DEFENDER S. It is an all-terrain powerful fat tire ebike, which is designed with dual-battery and dual-motor configurations.

It is basically an “all-wheel drive” electric mountain bike. The EUNORAU e-bike is in fact powered by two electric motors made by the Chinese Bafang, both inserted, respectively, in the hub of the front wheel and in that of the rear wheel, although the classic frame of an e-bike provides for the insertion of the engine in special housing in the central compartment. Each of the motors has an output of 750 watts (48 volts) for a total of 1,500 watts in the case of the DEFENDER S Pro version.

EUNORAU launches an all-terrain powerful fat tire eBike.
It is designed with dual suspension haibike level frame and dual battery with max. 1600Wh. Credit: EUNORAU

The standard DEFENDER S comes with a single 750-W Bafang rear-hub motor and is likely the most versatile of the two versions available. The maximum speed it can reach is 35 mph (56 km/h).

The Lithium-Ion Samsung is provided in the option units from 672 Wh or 816 Wh. But those who wish can mount a second 816 Wh battery on the down tube, thus reaching a total of 1,632 Wh. The dual configuration promises up to 80 miles (128 km) per charge. Both batteries can be removed for charging, which takes 4-6 hours. The gearbox is a 9-speed Shimano Alivia.

The frame is made of Alloy 6061 aluminum alloy. The fork is from RST; it is a low-end model GUIDE with a 75 mm stroke. The damper is again from DNM Suspension, has a 165 mm stroke.

EUNORAU DEFENDER S and DEFENDER S Pro are available for delivery worldwide. The basic version with a single rear hub motor starts at $1,799 through an Indiegogo campaign, while the dual-motor Pro monster is listed at $1,999.